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Erinn Coady

Walk My World #LE9

2 min read

For Walk My World learning event 9, we were asked to look back at our previous posts and reflect on what we've learned from these learning events. 

Walk My World LE1

For our first learning event, we were supposed to share a photo that represented our journey so far. I was reluctant to post this because I sometimes feel a little weird talking about my weight loss, because I don't want to seem like I'm bragging, or like I didn't like myself before. But when I posted this learning event I got lots of support, and I realized that I should be proud of where I've come from, and where I'm going.

Walk My World LE2

I liked this learning event because I love my family, and I love talking about where I came from. This learning event taught me that your family can impact who you are just as much as where you're from. 

Walk My World LE4

This learning event allowed me to reflect on the shape of my life. It taught me that even though you may have low points in your life, you shouldn't let them hold you back from growing into a better and stronger person. 

Walk My World LE7

Learning event 7 asked us to think about the in-between sounds of our life. This event made me reflect on my every day life, and really made me think: Why do I not like silence? What does this mean about me? Taking a more introspective view of myself could be very beneficial to me 

Wakl My World LE8

This learning event taught me that it's okay to be nervous for the future, but that you also should be excited for it! Everyone has a point in their life where they feel like they're "in the gap between the two trapezes", and you jsut have to keep going. 


Walk My World LE9

I thought this was a great way to end Walk My World. I feel like I've learned a lot from these learning events, and gotten some great ideas that I may incorporate in my classroom in the future!